Rex Sullings

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Experience and Goals

I first entered the irrigation industry in December 1979, starting my own small business installing residential and small commercial irrigation systems. I operated as a contractor progressing to larger commercial and sports turf projects over the years until mid-2003 when I decided to move on from contracting and concentrated on design and consulting work which had become my passion.

With the exception of a short stint as a Senior Water Savings Engineer with Water Group in Sydney I have continued as a designer consultant till the present. I am now the Principal and Senior Consultant of Aqueduct Consultancy.

Since moving into design and consultancy full time I have had the opportunity to view the commercial and sports turf irrigation industry from a different perspective. As an irrigation designer I understand and believe that the first step in improving the effective use of water in our industry is to raise the standards of design in the industry.

I have taken this situation to heart and I am determined to take the lead in the commercial and sports turf irrigation design and raise the standards to which the industry works. I have made it my goal to change the industry standards which have held sway for the last 30 years and which were born out of the standards which applied to agricultural irrigation when impact sprinklers were all the go.

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