Irrigation consultancy and design services

Aqueduct Consultancy design irrigation systems to the highest standards in the industry. It is these standards which ensure that every system we design has the maximum possible efficiency and effectiveness of water use.

We use the best available software such as AutoCAD®, Irricad® and Space Pro® in order to ensure our designs meet the exacting standards we have adopted. This way our clients can reap the rewards of having an efficient and effective irrigation system which provides the best possible result at the least possible cost of ownership over the life of the system.

Irrigation system assessments that optimise water use and efficiency

When Aqueduct Consultancy assess an irrigation system for a client we apply the same precise and exacting methods we use to assess our own system designs. We accurately log the positions of sprinklers with a Survey Standard GPS device then accurately record the operating pressures at the sprinkler heads and note the position state and condition of the remaining irrigation system components.

Once we have all the information the data is entered into the Space Pro® and Irricad® programmes for detailed analysis. Once completed a report is prepared which highlights the key irrigation system performance indicators of Coefficient of Uniformity and Distribution, the Application Rate and most importantly of all, the Scheduling Coefficient.

Our irrigation system assessment reports provide our clients with all the information and recommendations they need to improve the efficiency of their irrigation system and gain the maximum possible benefit from the remaining term of their systems.

Preparation and provision of comprehensive irrigation design plans from feasibility stage to project completion

Aqueduct Consultancy generate detailed drawings which can be provided in either AutoCAD® file format or PDF file format. Our drawings are the best in the industry, they are clear concise, precise and fit for purpose whether they are early stages concept drawings or final “For Construction” or “As Constructed” plans.

Irrigation construction project management and supervision

Project management and the direct supervision of construction are key elements in the successful completion of any irrigation project. Aqueduct Consultancy’ experienced, highly trained and dedicated staff can be engaged to supervise construction of your irrigation system. This will ensure that your system is installed in the manner in which it was intended by the designer. No matter how good an irrigation system design is, the end result will only be as good as the installation allows.

Preparation and provision of works as executed plans

A project is not completed until the final “As Constructed” drawings are completed and handed over. These documents are your permanent record of the works completed under your irrigation system contract and need to be accurate in order to be of any use in the future.

You can rely on the experienced and dedicated staff at Aqueduct Consultancy’ to ensure your “As Constructed” drawings accurately reflect what has been done during construction of your system. An Aqueduct Consultancy “As Constructed” plan will give you the confidence you need to move forward knowing that you know where all your irrigation system components are. There is nothing worse than digging up parts of your system because you didn’t know where they were.

Asset inventory and documentation service

As with “As Constructed” drawings there are few things more important than knowing where things are. The experienced, professional and dedicated staff at Aqueduct Consultancy can be relied upon to accurately log your irrigation system components. Our staff have the experience necessary to locate and identify your systems components and then accurately record their location to sub centimetre accuracy with a survey standard GPS device.

Once you system has been accurately logged by GPS we can generate an AutoCAD drawing which accurately reflects the location of your system components. These drawings can then be provided to you in either AutoCAD file format or PDF file format or as a hard copy document which will serve you well for many years to come.

Client staff training

All too often we have seen a new modern irrigation system installation completed and handed over only to discover that the client has no idea how to best operate the system. The end user is so often simply left in the dark on how the system works.

The staff at Aqueduct Consultancy have the experience and dedication to ensure that you are able to get the very best possible result from you irrigation system. They can train your staff to operate your irrigation system to its maximum potential providing you with the best possible efficiency and effectiveness from your system.

The staff at Aqueduct Consultancy also have the experience and technical expertise necessary to train your staff how to maintain your irrigation system so that it is always operating at peak performance. Whether it is a damaged sprinkler or a malfunctioning solenoid valve, our staff can show your maintenance crews how to keep your system operating at its absolute best.

Preparation, assessment and provision of operational procedures and manuals

An irrigation system cannot be maintained and operated to its maximum potential unless you have records which provide all the information needed to operate and maintain the system. Aqueduct Consultancy can generate all the documentation you will need to operate and maintain your irrigation system into the future. Regardless of changes in staff and loss of personnel you will have the documents required to continue the effective operation of your system.